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Forward Together

Spring Matching Challenge

League supporters like you have stepped forward to not just meet, but to exceed our $5000 Forward Together spring matching challenge.  We're truly grateful to all who have contributed toward the current $5760 total!

There are still two weeks to go in the Forward Together campaign, and we're thrilled to offer those who have already donated and those who donate before May 17 the opportunity to win incredible works of art!  Thanks to the generosity of McNamara Watercolors and League board member Shelley Buonaiuto:

​                                ​

                        Bunda & Big Papa (7x5.5x.5" - 7.5x6x.7")                                       Sunrise Over Marshall Break a 15”x11”

                                         Shelley Buonaiuto                                                                       McNamara Watercolors                                                                                                               

  • All Forward Together donors will have an opportunity to win one of two delightfully cheerful resin sculptures or a Tractor Supply $35 gift card and purple martin birdhouse. 

  • All Forward Together monthly donors will also have an opportunity to win the beautiful Sunrise Over Marshall Break.

  • All non-Forward Together monthly donors who increase their monthly pledge will also have an opportunity to win Sunrise Over Marshall Break. 


Thank you for your support!  

Together, we can win on climate! 


Statement from the Board Chair

You made it possible! We wrapped up 2020 with a strong online community despite the Covid pandemic. We have begun to re-envision who we are and what we want to become. We realized the need to expand the work we started in Arkansas. What would happen if we like the dandelion allowed the winds of change to help us spread the good news? Our strength is in our resilience!


Our motto green the earth with justice is huge. These five words sum up our approach and our commitment to real measurable actions. Climate change is a broad, unfolding crisis demanding immediate action and fundamental change to assist individuals and communities to become advocates for their own environmental and climate justice matters. We’re committed to doing the work!

Your continued support helps us realize that the best is yet to come. 


~ Chairwoman, Rev. Soniyyah (Sonna) B. Key