Arkansas Citizens' Climate League

Arkansas Citizens' Climate League (ARKCCL) & Citizens' Climate Lobby-Arkansas (CCL-AR)

Working Together to Build Civic Commitment for Climate Action


The Arkansas chapters of Citizens' Climate Lobby are dedicated to the idea that addressing climate change can benefit both our economy and natural way of life.  Keep reading to learn how AR can meet carbon emissions targets while adding ​​​thousands of jobs to our economy.

A Market-Based Approach to Climate Change

The free market is the most efficient driver of positive change available to us.  Rather than use comand-control legislation that extracts wealth from the economy and slows growth, CCL proposes allowing the market to choose the best path forward, and reinvesting gains back into the economy and households.
The Result: Up to 35,000 new jobs for Arkansans

How It Works

A pre-determined and steadily rising fee is placed on every ton of CO2 emitted, creating a market incentive to transition toward cleaner energy sources
That fee is then reinvested into the economy as a dividend to households, businesses, or as an investment in clean energy solutions.
Because this investment in lower CO2 emissions is recycled rather than extracted, the economy is free to grow.  The results for Arkansans are huge :
  • Thousands of net jobs added
  • 2030 Clean Power Plan emissions targets met
  • GDP growth that's faster  than "business as usual"
  • Reduced dependence on foreign oil

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In short, CCL's solution to meeting EPA requirements and tackling polution here in the natural state is an economic benefit for Arkansans.  With your help we can make sure this responsible approach to tackling climate is realized.