Working Together to Build Civic Commitment for Climate Action & Justice

Empowering individual civic engagement for climate and racial equity solutions takes hard work,  education, and funding. That's why we created Arkansas Citizens' Climate League (ARKCCL, the League) a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

ARKCCL’s major funding activities include our signature Arkansas Climate Accord in the spring and the Climate Change Costume Challenge in the fall. These activities provide the resources to fulfill our mission.


ARKCCL facilitates dialogue with communities and individuals in southern Arkansas to hear concerns about the detrimental impacts of environmental and climate changes. ARKCCL partners with the chapters of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby in Arkansas to provide the necessary resources for community outreach & educational and training opportunities for emerging climate action leaders.

ARKCCL works with PACE (Police and Community Engagement) to ensure communities of color have a voice in their community.

ARKCCL provides administrative assistance to the Arkansas for Container Deposit Law campaign.
This effort works towards place a deposit on all beverage containers in the stare. Reducing production of these containers not only solves a litter problem but reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Board of Directors

The legal governing body for the League is made up of volunteers from across Arkansas.


Soniyyah "Sonna" Bkey, Fort Smith


Fay Knox, Deer


Charles Sisco, Springdale

Keaton Smith, Fayetteville


Chris Balos, Springdale

Jean Larson, Batesville

Paulette Ann Meikle, Forth Smith

Zac Owens, West Fork



Robert McAfee, Hackett

Chair  Emeritus

Chris McNamara, Fayetteville


Advisory Board

Bob Brown, Bella Vista

Nancy Brown, Bella Vista

Shelley Buonaiuto, Fayetteville

Bernadette Devone, Willingboro, NJ

Christina May, Fort Smith

Education Coordinator

Jan Schaper, Russellville

Community Resources Coordinator

Ashton Eley, Little Rock

2610 W Hackett Road
Hackett, AR 72937 

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