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Shalanda Baker’s Revolutionary Power:  Revolutionary Power: An Activist’s Guide to the Energy Transition by Shalanda H. Baker

Excerpt:  Every aspect of the energy system is up for grabs in the transition:  the determination of who owns our energy resources and can access economic benefits attached to them; the fight for who can generate energy for their own use or their community’s use; and the battle over how energy is distributed, at the local or regional level.  The ability to access and shape energy policies that create clean air, clean water, open space, and affordable electricity turns on the design of the new system.  Just as early environmental justice advocates drew the link between toxic dumping in Black communities and civil rights, the rights to access and shape clean energy policy in service of marginalized communities should be seen as part of the corpus of civil rights.  Energy policy is the domain of the next generation of civil rights.

League Board member Shelley Buonaituto presented a summary of Shalanda H. Baker's Revolutionary Power to the Climate Change Book Forum in Fayetteville in the Spring of 2021. These are her slides.





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