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"Taking Care of the Earth, Each Other & Ourselves"

Earth Day Panel
 7 p.m. April 22 via Zoom

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Chris lives in Springdale and is a recognized community leader on climate change. He works as the Marshallese Outreach Coordinator for the Arkansas Support Network, volunteers with the Marshallese Educational Initiative and Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and serves on the ARKCCL Board of Directors.

The oldest of his siblings, Chris is a dedicated family man who looks after his grandmother and one of his nieces. For Chris, climate change is an issue that hits too close to home. His mom currently lives in the Marshall Islands, and he said, like all Marshallese, he faces the imminent prospect of losing his homeland to rising sea levels and thus part of his identity and heritage. 


With the advent of Covid-19, Chris has been multitasking: enjoying moments of sunshine, working from home, watching his nieces and nephew, and – in the absence of sports programming – indulging in reruns of The Game of Thrones.  


Meet Our Panelists

Chris Balos

Art is a retired professor of physics at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.  At 85, he is in his office every day studying quantum physics, writing a regular op-ed column for the Northwest Arkansas Newspapers, and other stuff, he said. He rides his bicycle everywhere.


He has authored numerous papers and five books, including two college physics textbooks for non-scientists and a non-technical book called “Tales of the Quantum."  Art has included lengthy sections about global warming in his physics courses and textbooks ever since the mid-1970s.    

"I’ve been socially distancing (at six feet) from everybody except my wife. I wash my hands frequently while singing 'happy birthday' twice and use hand sanitizer frequently," he said. "I frequently go outdoors to walk or ride my bicycle, but I remain distanced from others." 

Art Hobson


Meredith is a folklorist, oral historian, and caregiver living in her home state of Arkansas. 

She is dedicated to working with individual people and organizations to bring people together across vast differences to build more loving communities, she said. She works with the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources in central Arkansas, is the director of the River Valley Adult Learning Alliance, and runs a tiny farm and flower business with her family.

She loves Quaker prayer, boxing, working with old people and kids, and digging in the dirt.


Recently, she’s been starting her garden and taking walks with her family.

Meredith Martin-Moats





Joanna is an advocate for climate stability, a licensed mental health professional and a mom. She lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas with her husband, son, dog, cat, two hens and four fish. 

She has a PhD in Environmental Dynamics from the University of Arkansas where she studied a possible relationship between civic agriculture and community resilience. Additional research interests include ecotherapy, nature connectedness, climate science, social capital, and sustainable food systems.


She believes in working with others to promote social and environmental justice. Joanna has had numerous meaningful experiences pursuing environmental justice, but said she is perhaps especially grateful to have been one of many arrested in direct actions to stop the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.


She is enjoying time with her family, swinging in her porch swing, hiking, gardening, and art of many kinds.


Joanna Person-Michener