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P.A.C.E ( Police and Community Engagement) meets every first Thursday of the month. PACE is the place where we talk through in real time, the tough issues and incidents that are facing our society. We believe that moving forward starts with our conversations. One of our goals is to learn how to listen to different perspectives and be aware of our own biases. Please feel free to join us at the Central Presbyterian Church session room @ 6:30 pm.  (use the parking lot behind the church, middle of the three doors.) 2901 Rogers Avenue, between the library and Walgreens. Find out more here.


Creating civic engagement and the political will for climate solutions takes hard work, dedication, funding and very importantly: VOLUNTEERS. 

The League is driven by volunteers. We have dozens of volunteers with many skills. Whether spending a few hours writing a letter to the Editor or spending several days in Washington, DC talking with our Members of Congress we love bringing together advocates, donors, students, and community and business leaders to make Arkansas a leader in the effort to protect the climate.

Within ARKCCL there are many opportunities to volunteer. Additionally we have a number of specific job descriptions for student interns.  Are you a student who has completed coursework in subjects such as  marketing, creative writing, social media, journalism, accounting, event planning, policy, environmental education or have other skills you want to develop? If you are looking for an encouraging outlet to apply your coursework and gain valuable work experience for your resume, please checkout our ads on Handshake or contact Kim Lovely at for information. We enjoy working with students and greatly appreciate the reciprocal outcomes of working with students on projects that involve creativity, focus and exploration.

Through our ongoing partnership with P.A.C.E., we provide the opportunity to encourage and support diverse actions towards climate solutions.

Through the commitment of ARKCCL Board members, donors and volunteers, we have provided essential resources for community outreach and organizing across Arkansas, as well as training opportunities for emerging climate leaders.


2610 W Hackett Road
Hackett, AR 72937 

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