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CCE Presentation: Dealing with the Climate Challenge in South Arkansas

Citizens' Climate Education members delivered an interactive presentation to Public Policy Panel's lead organizers from communities across south Arkansas on Thursday, January 16th in Monticello.

The Southeast Arkansas CCE Chapter members focused in on the topic “Dealing with the Climate Challenge in South Arkansas,” explaining the fundamental science of human-caused climate change, exploring local impacts, and discussing solutions with organizers. 


“We use to have snow days on our school calendar. Now we have rain and flood days, because with the intense rainfalls, buses cannot get through on the rural county roads,” Trina Walls, Environmental Caucus Co-chair of the Citizen’s First Congress.

Often communities of color and poor communities are left out of the climate discussion, and yet these are the very communities that are witnessing and experiencing the effects of climate change the most.

ARKCCL is committed to engaging community leaders, listening, and providing knowledge and support as requested. The League helped to provide training to the CCE presenters and in connecting the them with the Panel. Over the years, the League has provided scholarships for the presenting CCE volunteers to attend climate conferences in Arkansas and in Washington D.C

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