Resave the Date, Our work continues

We at the Arkansas Citizens’ Climate League are taking every precaution during this time.

We are moving the Arkansas Climate Accord: Personal Stories, Community Solutions – previously scheduled for May 2 – to Friday, October 2.

However, this does not mean our work is halting or slowing down. We are not canceling our annual fundraising drive and will be extending it through October 2. Donations can be made online and through the mail. While giving across the country will surely be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that the League provides much-needed engagement, education, encouragement and community collaboration. We will continue to plan and organize our daylong, grassroots Symposium for October 3 at the UAFS Windgate Art and Design Center. We will also be rolling out virtual Earth Day activities throughout April, including a panel discussion. We will be sharing more Earth Day information with you soon! As of now, the June Citizens’ Climate Education conference in Washington D.C. is still on. We plan to continue to provide lodging and travel scholarships for low income students, workers, and retirees to attend so that they can bring more knowledge and organizing expertise into their campuses and communities.

We are in this together.

Our volunteers, donors and supporters are essential to the progress we've made in creating a safe place at the intersection or climate change and racial inequity. Although we may not be able to meet in person, we are united in spirit. The League will continue our work via further development of our online presence. During the future, though it may look  uncertain, let us remember to love one another and sow seeds of hope.

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