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 To determine the economic impact of a carbon fee solution to the Clean Power Plan in Arkansas, CCL commissioned an economic study by Regional Economic Models, Inc (REMI)
The study is focused on how a carbon fee in Arkansas would help the state comply with the strictures of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) to reduce the carbon dioxide emitted from existing power plants. It examines the potential economic, demographic, fiscal, and emissions impact of a fee on carbon dioxide in Arkansas.
To learn more about the study, you can download the 3pg summary below
REMI Summary
Full Study


"REMI was founded in 1980 on a transformative idea: government decision-makers should test the economic effects of their policies before they’re implemented. Our commitment to a better understanding of the economy drives our unceasing process of innovation in economic theory and practice, software development and application, and the use of quantitative economic analysis to guide policy decisions."